Intensive French Language Course

Communicaid can provide you and your organisation with an intensive French language course that meets your needs. Located in the hearth of Paris near the Tuileries and the Louvres, our training centre will be the perfect place to follow your intensive French Language training course. By choosing the most appropriate format, from a few days to several weeks, you will be able to improve your level of French and communicate more effectively with French nationals.

Our French courses are highly personalised and designed to improve your French communication skills, whether your focus is social, business, financial, diplomatic or legal. If you have just arrived in France or if you seek the opportunity to improve your level in French, you will find the appropriate format to achieve your objectives.

Communicaid is one of the leading language training consultancies in Europe and provides French language training to several companies and public organisations. With an experience of 15 years in creating and delivering intensive French language training in Paris, Communicaid is your ideal partner to provide you with a tailored intensive French language training courses .
By taking our French language training, you will develop your language skills and communicate more effectively with your French colleagues, clients or suppliers.


An intensive French language course in Paris will provide you with the ability to :

  • Speak French with confidence
  • Communicate effectively with a French audience or during a visit in a French speaking country
  • Build strong relationship with your French counterparts by showing interest for French language and culture
  • Facilitate interpersonal communication with French nationals on a professional and personal level
  • Ease your adaption to France through a better communication


Our intensive French language training courses are suitable for:

  • Individuals relocating to France and wishing to be able to communicate effectively with the French
  • Professionals working within a French organisation or interacting with French nationals on a regular basis
  • Government and non-governmental agency representatives working in a French-speaking region who need to be able to communicate at all levels.

Content of an intensive French training course in Paris

The content and format of your French training lesson / course will depend on your profession, proficiency in French and objectives. Whether beginner, survival, intermediate or advanced, key areas covered in all our French courses include:
 - Spoken fluency
 - Listening skills
 - Pronunciation and accent
 - Reading skills
 - Telephone French
 - Email French
 - Sector-specific terminology
 - Presentation & negotiation skills

During your intensive French language training in Paris, Communicaid offers you the opportunity to follow specific French training courses such as:

  • Legal French
  • Financial French
  • Insurance French
  • Business French
  • French for Human Resources
    Communication skills (negotiation and presentation skills, facilitating meetings, effective business writing…)


All our intensive French language training courses in Paris are tailored to answer your needs. Appropriate format and content will be discussed during your diagnostic consultancy and will answer your personal expectations and goals.

The usual 30 hours training course is perfectly suited to the needs of professionals and includes various training materials designed to answer your need and improve your knowledge of French quickly and efficiently.

To help you to fully appreciate French unique cultural life, Communicaid has created a comprehensive programme of activities and carefully select your accommodation within a host family or in a hotel.


To help you to make the most out of your intensive French language training in Paris, Communicaid can arrange your stay in a hotel. Depending of the time of the year, an accommodation within a host family is also possible.


All Communicaid intensive French language course trainers are native speakers with at least 3 years' professional French training experience.  In addition to relevant academic and linguistic qualifications and experience, many of our French trainers also possess considerable exposure and expertise in the professional world.

Your French course trainer will be assigned to you following the results of your diagnostic consultancy according to your objectives and areas of focus.  Detailed below is a sample profile of a member of our French training team who will take your intensive French course.
Here is a sample of one of our intensive French language course trainer:

CLS – French Trainer (Paris)

Masters of French as a Foreign Language, University of La Sorbonne, Paris
Degree in Spanish, Paris, France
Degree in Business Translation (English and Spanish), Paris, France

CLS has been working in professional language training since 1993. She currently is the Communicaid Paris Lead French Trainer delivering both extensive and intensive training courses to a variety of corporate and private clients in Paris. CLS also plays an important role at Communicaid in promoting and organising French courses and researching materials for trainers for these courses, and organising social and cultural events for clients during their intensive courses.

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